Jacob Two-Two on the High Seas
Written by Cary Fagan
Illustrated by Duŝan Petričić
ISBN 978-0-88776-895-8

He's back! Mordecai Richler had always planned more adventures for his small hero. Now, with the full support of the Richler family, award-winning author Cary Fagan carries on the tradition in a hilarious new story for a whole new generation of Jacob fans.

Jacob Two-Two didn't like leaving old things behind, and he didn't like encountering new things ahead. But after Jacob Two-Two's father writes a very important novel, the family makes plans to move from England back to Canada.

Jacob Two-Two, Marfa and Emma, Daniel and Noah, and their parents board the S.S. Spring-a-Leak for a journey across the ocean. Jacob Two-Two makes some new acquaintances — the unbelievably handsome Captain Sparkletooth, the acrobatic Bubov Brothers, the failed toy inventor Mr. Peabody, and the giant but gentle Morgenbesser. Most important of all, he makes friends with young Cindy Snootcastle, who keeps a secret treasure in her pocket.

But something is wrong on the S.S. Spring-a-Leak. A series of clues — a black eye patch, a parrot who squawks, “Apple sauce in your underpants!” and a sailing ship flying the jolly roger — can only mean trouble. Will the intrepid Shapiro and the fearless O’Toole really be left on a desert island? Will Jacob Two-Two be made to walk the plank?

Jacob Two-Two on the High Seas is a treat for those who know Jacob and for those who are about to meet one of the most endearing characters in children’s literature.

Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang
Written by Mordecai Richler
Illustratedby Duŝan Petričić
ISBN 978-0-88776-925-2

Poor Jacob Two-Two, only two plus two plus two years old and already a prisoner of The Hooded Fang. What had he done to deserve such terrible punishment? Why, the worst crime of all – insulting a grown-up.

Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur
Written by Mordecai Richler
Illustratedby Duŝan Petričić
ISBN 978-0-88776-926-9

When his parents bring a little green lizard home from their vacation in Kenya, Jacob Two-Two is thrilled. But as the days pass, he realizes that Dippy isn’t just an ordinary lizard at all. In fact, it becomes obvious to Jacob that Dippy’s not so little either. As Dippy grows bigger and bigger, he begins to attract some very big attention from some very important people. Before Jacob realizes, he is on the run from the entire government of Canada – and with a full-grown dinosaur!

Jacob Two-Two's First Spy Case
Written by Mordecai Richler
Illustrated by Duŝan Petričić
ISBN 978-0-88776-927-6

Just as Jacob Two-Two settles into his new life in Canada, things are turned upside down! First, Jacob gets a new neighbor, who does double duty as a spy; then he gets a new principal, who turns out to be mean and nasty; and then, unknowingly, he makes an enemy – but who could it be? Jacob Two-Two returns in this new adventure that takes him into the fascinating world of spycraft!